About QT Imaging

The way breast imaging should be:

  • No compression

  • No radiation

The QTscan® is a non-invasive, FDA cleared breast imaging tool. Transmission ultrasound together with reflection ultrasound provide highly complementary and synergistic information about breast tissue, which enables healthcare providers to effectively assess breast health.

The QTscan® was developed by QT Imaging, a privately held technology company engaged in the research, development and commercialization of an innovative automated breast imaging system producing high-resolution transmission ultrasound images.

Approximately 39 million women, in the United States, get mammograms every year (source: CDC).

For every 1 woman with cancer, 19 more will be told they might have cancer when they don’t.

The cost, time, and psychological distress takes an enormous toll. QT Imaging aims to change the paradigm of breast imaging and to keep women from going through the trauma of this journey. It’s why the FDA granted clearance for the QTscan® as an adjunct to mammography, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded over $15 million in funding for QT Imaging research.

While the clarity of the QTscan® imaging hopes to give women – and their doctors – a new understanding of what’s going on inside, what happens on the outside matters too. The QTscan® provides high fidelity 360° results with no radiation, no compression, and no injections, all while delivered in an environment designed around the comfort and peace of mind of the patient. 

Founded by a Doctor

QT Imaging is founded and led by a medical doctor and managed by some of the best talent in their respective fields.